Sunday, January 27, 2008

Godly Humor

Do you ever get the feeling that God really enjoys playing jokes on his children?

I went to Relief Society today for the first time in almost two months. Between cruising, illnesses and nursing a baby monster through the last hour of church, I rarely get to meet with the sisters in the ward.

DH volunteered to take the baby monster to Elders' Quorum and I gladly accepted as I have been feeling nostalgic for Relief Society recently (for the first time ever!). Everything was going great--the good news minute kept me feeling good for the whole minute, and even the visiting teaching moment was sufficiently uplifting.

And then the Stake Relief Society president gets up to give the lesson...

"Sisters, today the lesson is on 'joyfully, willingly, and quietly' submitting."

The joke was definitely on me.


  1. That's really funny, Meggie! I love you, and I definitely miss your relief society rants at dinner on Sunday evenings.

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  3. What's wrong with quiet submission? Ha ha! I don't submit to anything quietly.

  4. Megan, I don't know you very well but I do know your outlook on, and this cracked me one question..did you stick around for it or get up and walk out?