Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekly Anti-Woman Wacko

I am instituting a new weekly feature: The Weekly Anti-Woman Wacko.

I can't tell you the number of times I have been told that the feminist movement is no longer relevant because now women can open bank accounts, work outside the home, get abortions and supposedly receive equal protection under the law. I can't even begin to tell people how far from the truth this is. So from now on, I will be posting weekly examples of why feminism is still relevant and desperately needed.

Drum-roll please. This week's anti-woman wacko goes to...Mark Belling.

For those of you who don't know Mark Belling, he has a right-wing talk radio show in Milwaukee. Belling is known for his outrageous and often incindiary antics, including the use of a racial epithet that got him suspended from the airwaves for a week. I can't say anymore about him without feeling the need to take a shower, so I think I will just let Mr. Belling speak for himself.

"Without regard to what you think about women who get off by behaving like sows by pulling out their you-know-what in front of everybody else in the world and letting their babies start sucking, whatever you think about that, you don't have the express it so crudely, well why not? It's a crude practice, given how adamant some of these sows are, that's an appropriate term, isn't it? It''s what a pig does and it does it in public, right? I mean, I don't, I - hehehehe..."

And my mother wonders why I despise talk radio? Anti-woman rhetoric doesn't just hurt feminists; it hurts all women and, in this case, babies. Free speech is important but hateful ignorance only has power if there are people willingly listening and agreeing. This bozo wouldn't have a radio show if there weren't people out there who believed that breastfeeding women and babies are more like barnyard animals than human beings.

So Mr. Mark Belling, thanks for being our inaugural weekly wacko and...stay classy.

h/t to Feministing for the quote. You can listen to this lovely little vignette here.


  1. I love the new weekly wacko installment! What a great idea. As for the breastfeeding thing, there was a huge uproar about it in the Daily Universe editorial section, and we got some real gems sharing their precious opinions. I meant to send you one in particular, but forgot about it. However, there was a line in it I liked so much that I wrote it down:
    "Sure, the mother's lounge is far away and the blanket is a hassle to cover up, but is keeping your dignity and covenants covered by your actions?"
    Because apparently, naturally feeding your child is an undignified thing these days...

  2. I like this installment too! Keep it up! Talk radio makes me unreasonably angry.

  3. Great post. That guy is wacko. I wish he had the opportunity to breastfeed. Then his nipples would be like mine (as Jaxon describes) "hanging down."
    Geez. Mr. Belling needs to be castrated. STAT.